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Adult Dog Life Skills & Behaviour modification




3 sessions

About the Course

At Beyond Dogs, we are dedicated to helping you achieve reliable obedience in your beloved canine. Our experienced trainers will address behavioural issues and transform your dog into a well-mannered and confident companion. Through RESULTS based training methods and customized training programs, we tackle challenges like leash pulling, aggression, and separation anxiety. With patience and understanding, we unlock your dog's true potential, fostering a deep bond of trust and respect.

Discover the joy of seamless communication and unwavering obedience with Beyond Dogs. Let us guide your dog on a journey to becoming their best, most well-behaved self!

Our Adult Dog Life Skills & Behaviour Modification Package includes 2x 2hr and 1x 1hr training sessions and is designed to help you eliminate unwanted behaviours, promote new, desirable behaviours, all while developing a better relationship with your dog. Each session will come with a written training report and customized training program based on your needs and the individual needs of your dog.

Your Instructor

Matthew Goldman

Matthew Goldman

Beyond Dogs Head trainer - Matt Goldman. Passionate about helping our clients achieve results, building their self confidence and helping their dogs to live calm and confident lives.

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