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Private Puppy School (8 weeks old to 6 months)




4 sessions

About the Course

Welcome to Beyond Dogs Private Puppy School.

Please note - this training package MUST be booked in advance. Ideally we would have all sessions booked in before your new puppy arrives home, to set you up for success.

We believe that private puppy school is the ultimate choice for nurturing your canine companion. Our exclusive one-on-one training sessions ensure personalized attention, tailored to your puppy's unique needs and learning pace. With private puppy school, you'll experience faster progress, increased obedience, and a deeper bond with your new puppy. Our certified trainers focus solely on your puppy, creating a distraction-free environment for effective learning. We prioritize RESULTS based training methods to promote a happy and well-adjusted pup. Choose Beyond Dogs for an unmatched educational experience that sets the foundation for a lifetime of joyous companionship. Invest in your pup's future today!

Our Private Puppy School package includes 4 x sessions of one-on-one training where we will set you and your puppy up for success. This package is aimed at puppies 8 weeks to 26 weeks old and includes a customized training report that evolves over time as your puppy learns and grows.

Your Instructor

Matthew Goldman

Matthew Goldman

Beyond Dogs Head trainer - Matt Goldman. Passionate about helping our clients achieve results, building their self confidence and helping their dogs live calm and confident lives.

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