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About Us

Our Goal

To help people develop a better relationship with their dog. We believe in positive reinforcement, but also believe a dog needs to know the difference between right and wrong, and therefore take a more holistic approach to our training.

Using RESULTS based training, we are able to create a relationship where the dog wants to listen and is able to problem solve. We want dogs to make positive choices, understanding that these choices affect the outcomes of their interactions. This lends itself to creating behaviours that are reliable and a dog that is obedient and can enjoy the freedom that they deserve.

Our training programs support you, the owner, in learning how to continue to teach and train your dog. What’s important is that you and your dog build a better relationship, using clear, consistent communication, to form a bond that is everlasting.

Dog Trainer Adelaide
Dog Trainer Adelaide

Our Training Philosophy

Dogs thrive on rules, boundaries and structure. Dogs want a job to do, they want to follow a calm and assertive leader. This is what we will help you achieve. We will coach you, the owner, and help you to develop the skills you need to raise a calm and confident companion, one who wants to listen and understands what you expect of them. 

About Your Trainers



Matt is a Professional Dog Trainer with +4 years of professional experience and +10 years of volunteer experience. He is passionate about helping his clients achieve RESULTS, by building their self confidence and leadership skills, all while helping their dogs understand what’s expected of them, allowing them to live calm and confident lives.

"My own dog challenges me to be a better trainer and I love him for that. It also has allowed me to experience first hand the challenges that most dog owners face.​"



Huey is a Husky x German Shepherd, who has a zest for life and a mischievous nature. He tests Matt’s resilience, but by doing so has helped develop Matt’s training styles and techniques.


They work as a team and are often seen on the job together, teaching and learning from one another, while helping clients and their dogs overcome behavioral issues.

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