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Dog trainer Adelaide

More than just dog training...

Adelaide’s dog behaviour specialist.


Results Based


Best practice

We use best practice dog training techniques focused on getting RESULTS for our clients. We promote a holistic approach to training to ensure your dog is safe and happy at all times.


There are no tricks or hidden secrets to the work that we do. Our success is based on real world experience and we pride ourselves on being able to translate what we’re seeing into solutions, clear instructions, and repeatable RESULTS.

Money back guarantee

 We're so confident that we will get you and your dog RESULTS, that if you’re not happy with the service, or if we cannot address your dog’s behaviour, there will be no charge for the consultation.

About Us

Adelaide’s dog behaviour specialist. The Beyond Dogs goal is to help people develop a better relationship with their dog. A relationship based on leadership, trust and love, that will foster communication and create an everlasting bond.

Dog Trainer Adelaide

Beyond Dogs Services

At Beyond Dogs, we provide a RESULTS based and holistic approach, taking your dogs state of mind and emotions into account, to assist you, the owner, in raising a calm and confident companion. We believe in the foundations of exercise, rules, boundaries, and of course, love. We promote guidance based on authenticity and appreciation .

Beyond Dogs will help BUILD behaviours such as:

✔ Loose leash walking

✔ Off leash recall

✔ Place training

✔ Sit, down, stay

✔ Engagement with the owner

Beyond Dogs will help you to CORRECT behavioural issues such as:

✔ Pulling on the lead

✔  Separation anxiety

✔  Fear reactivity/leash reactivity

✔  Dog to dog aggression

✔  Lack of engagement (not listening to commands)

Dog Trainer Adelaide

About the Trainers:
Matt & Huey

Matt is a Professional Dog Trainer with +4 years of professional experience and +10 years of volunteer experience. He is passionate about helping dogs to understand what’s expected of them and to live calm and confident lives.

Huey is a Husky x German Shepherd, who has a zest for life and a mischievous nature. He tests Matt’s resilience, but by doing so has helped develop Matt’s training styles and techniques.


Alyssa & Zara

" Matt from Beyond Dogs has made the biggest difference to our dogs life and our life! "

" With just a few sessions whilst she was a younger and now and older pup, I have been able to develop skills to communicate and educate her. For a high energy dog, her behaviour is great and only getting better…. Now to focus on her new tricks which are making her beyond any dog in my bias opinion."
Dog Trainer Adelaide
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